David Starkey

CEO & President

David Starkey has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of CLS since 1998 and has been established in the green industry since 1977. When asked why he started this company, he explained, "I founded CLS with the goal of developing a company where everyone enjoys what they do as much as I do, whether that’s designing and maintaining beautiful properties or providing our clients with impeccable service."

Throughout his career, David has overseen the transformation of lifeless properties into beautifully designed and maintained outdoor spaces. He has a unique ability to make his customers feel like they are a part of the CLS family.

Getting to Know David
  • I have been married to my beautiful wife, Melinda, for 40 years and we have one son, Brandon.
  • My interests include gardening, outdoor adventures, wood working, and metal fabrication.
  • My hobbies involve anything related to motorsports, camping, hiking, kayaking and being around water.

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